8 September

Cultivating contentment on my 30th birthday


As most of you know, the past few years have been really hard for me. (If you don’t, check out my blog here…sorry its long) Yoga has been instrumental in my recovery and healing process – physically, mentally, and even spiritually. When I was in yoga teacher training, I came across Yoga Sutra 2.42: santosha anuttamah sukha […]

26 August

Its seriously been a year…how did I get here?


Mental Health is one of those topics. If you’re “in the circle,” it’s completely normal to discuss and analyze emotions, behaviors, patterns, and treatments on a daily basis. Out of the “circle?” Lacking immediate relatability and understanding, mental health is either ignored or taboo. Let’s be honest, to the rest of the world, those “in […]

31 July

Why is there always crying in yoga?


Years ago, when I first stepped onto a yoga mat, I was emotionally closed off. I’d perfected the art of acting the way I was “supposed” to act, keeping up the appearance that I had all my ducks in a row. To be honest, “vulnerability” wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Letting people in, truly in, […]

14 April

NYC Giveaway!


I’m working on finding more social/free/relaxing time in my schedule. Luckily, even though Urban Girl Squad is no more, I still have some connections that reach out time to time. I love YOU, so I thought I’d share. I have 40 pairs of tix to the advanced screening of The Other Woman this Thursday. Come!! […]

31 March

The Authentic Life


When was the last time you felt truly authentic? Not just real, but vulnerable. Raw. Exposed. Better question: have you ever? Authentic – not false or imitation :  real, actual : true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character This experience is relatively new to me. From a young age, I mastered the art of playing […]

23 March

Interview with Chalk Gyms


Chalk Gyms interviewed me for their members’ monthly newsletter…so I thought I’d repost! CHALK PROFILE Lindsay Carson is instructor extraordinaire at Chalk, teaching some of our most popular yoga and Cycle classes. Read on to see how this self-proclaimed yoga addict achieves balance, avoids counting calories and always brings a smile to the mat.CG: What’s your […]

22 January

Breathing through the “crazy New York life”


New York City – if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, right? Those of us who dare to venture into the big city come willing to do whatever it takes. We work 7 jobs, with 40-hour days, neurotically attached to our iPhone/Blackberry/e-mail/etc for any “opportunity” to bend over backwards for someone […]