27 April

#FundamentalsFriday: Chaturanga


One of the most challenging (but fundamental) shapes in a vinyasa practice is Chaturanga. Most flow classes have at least a few thrown in, especially if you’re starting your practice with Sun Salutations. I get a ton of questions about this shape, and have seen a million ways to do it incorrectly, so let’s break […]

14 April

Alone doesn’t always mean lonely


We all have these moments…these points in our life that become a significant turning point, even if we didn’t realize it at the time. Sometimes its small moment that blossoms slowly, like when you meet someone you’ve yet to learn will become a significant character in your story. Other times its a diagnosis or an […]

10 April

#FundamentalsFriday: Down Dog Edition


So, the world is on lockdown and you finally have time to do all the things you said you’d do “someday.” Welp my loves, looks like we’ve run out of excuses. “Someday” is here and, for all my newbie/restarting yogis who aren’t quite sure where to begin, as well as those who are ready to dig a bit […]

7 April

All we need now are zombies…


Driving down a deserted Rt 1 at sunset last week, it occurred to me that my current reality feels alarmingly similar to the beginning of one of those zombie apocalypse movies. As the radio blares news of law changes and death tolls, I pass more and more neon road signs warning of beach closures and quarantine laws. […]