15 May

#FundamentalsFriday: Warrior One


Now that we’ve got our Sun Salutation A, lets move onto Surya Namaskar (Sun Sal) B! TODAY’S SHAPE: WARRIOR 1 (VIRABHADRASANA 1) One of the most fundamental standing postures in yoga is Warrior 1, and it’s a lot more complex than most people realize. Traditional Surya Namaskar B is chair pose into your vinyasa, with a step forward […]

3 May

#FundamentalsFriday: Upward Facing Dog


Finishing off our Sun Salutation A, this week we are talking about the transition from chaturanga to downdog – through updog! TODAY’S SHAPE: UPWARD FACING DOG   The transition from chaturanga into updog is a pull through, not necessarily a press up, where the toes and hands stay in the same place and your body moves […]