Lindsay_CarsonA life-long overachiever, Lindsay has lived at a “New York” pace since she was a child. Always finding ways to squeeze more into her day, her past life included a career as an art director/graphic designer in advertising and as the social media director of Urban Girl Squad.

Although she came across yoga in college, the “adrenaline junkie” couldn’t see the appeal in sitting still and didn’t give it a real chance until she moved to New York in 2008. Little by little, she discovered the incredible benefits — physical and mental. With her newfound strength, flexibility, and ability to breathe through stress, all she wanted to do was share yoga with the world!

“Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” – Yoga Sutra 1.2

Yoga with Lindsay combines the athleticism and flow of Ashtanga with the alignment principles of Iyengar. Her comprehensive Vinyasa class is designed to both encourage a beginner and challenge the seasoned yogi. No matter how “New York” you might be, she believes yoga can change your life for the better.