Butterflies Rising

Posted on Jul 5, 2020

full camel IGi’m learning
to love the way
my name settles
in silence
before I can love
how it falls
from another’s

As the world starts to reopen, I’ve been spending some time memorizing how open my heart has become the last few months. After 47 days in solo-isolation, and over 3 months in covid quarantine, very little feels like it translates from “before.” There’s so much that I’ve learned about myself, including rediscovering pieces I’d lost somewhere along the way. There’s even more that I’ve learned about the reality of world around me, and the multitude of ways my life, my actions, and my voice can be impactful.

The importance of this continued awareness, of keeping my heart vulnerable and my eyes open, has been my focal point for “reentry.” I’m writing it all down…what changes, what remains, what I want it to look like and how I want to feel a year from now. And the one thing that I’ve found tying it all together is this: the ability to honestly sit with myself in a place of compassion and gratitude, in a place of unconditional love, is the cornerstone of everything I want to see in this next phase.

The reality is, “love and light” is bullshit if it doesn’t originate from a place of actual love and light. We cannot authentically share something we don’t currently possess, and the world is tired of the BS.

Change always starts internally, and I’ve seen so much beautiful change sparked in this community. My loves, I hope you’re taking your own notes and I’d love to hear about the things you’ve decided to take vs leave as we begin to rebuild. ⬇️ let’s talk about it!

The next few weeks hold lots of anticipation and uncertainty, but I’m finally getting excited to see how it unfolds. I think I might finally be ready.