Cycle for Survival 2016 Recap!

Posted on Mar 16, 2016


As Cycle for Survival 2016 season wraps up, I find myself in overwhelming awe. I had the incredible honor to lead 3 rides this year, sharing a stage with some of the most INCREDIBLE instructors, and humans, EVER. These rides celebrated life and celebrated the countless lives that have touched us. I got to experience a community full of passion, emotion, love, and light and I left feeling so inspired to LIVE and be present in every single moment. To travel. To laugh. To be vulnerable. To love with every inch of my being. Because life is a fragile and gorgeous gift that should be cherished.

1.6 Million Americans were diagnosed with some form of cancer this past year. Over 800k of them were considered “rare cancers“…rare cancers that the money we helped raise will fund research, trials, and eventually find cures for. Hell f*ck yes!

The energy gets bigger every year, and with it the funding. This year my team, Team Musclebutt raised $16,000, and the overall CYCLE FOR SURVIVAL movement raised $30MILLION!!!

THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS. Directly to rare cancer research. I’m still blown away! PLUS it’s not too late to donate! Fundraising portals are open until April 1. Join the Battle – DONATE NOW!

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