#FundamentalsFriday: Upward Facing Dog

Posted on May 3, 2020

Finishing off our Sun Salutation A, this week we are talking about the transition from chaturanga to downdog – through updog!




  1. The transition from chaturanga into updog is a pull through, not necessarily a press up, where the toes and hands stay in the same place and your body moves forward and up.
  2. Pulling your chest up through your hands, the trickiest part about the transition is rolling over your toes. If that’s not happening, flipping one by one works too! Either way, the toes are in the same spot they were in chaturanga as the heels come forward with the rest of your body.
  3. Whether your chaturanga is on your knees or full expression, your thighs *never* touch the mat. Pressing into the tops of your feet, your quads should be actively lifting you up away from the mat.
  4. Shoulders! First off, get them out of your ears – un-shrug! Energetically externally rotate your palms and try to rotate the backs of your armpits towards each other. As your scapula slide down your back, pull your palms towards you to lift your chest forward through your shoulders. Then lift UP with your quads and strong abdominal engagement.
  5. Your neck is an extension of your spine – there’s no need to throw your head backwards. Gaze is forward and slightly up, cervical spine extending.
  6. If this feels like your lower back is crunching, use your abs and your arms more to lift up and find extension in your spine rather than collapsing into your vertebrae.

If you need a modification, take low cobra and work on opening your shoulders and chest from the ground first!

Questions? Reach out ♥️