You’re stronger than you think you are

Posted on Dec 11, 2016

At some point, if you’ve taken my class, you’ve probably heard me remind you that “you’re stronger than you think you are.” The first thing we forget when shit gets hard — how POWERFUL we are.

We are conditioned to doubt ourselves, to focus on circumstantial evidence that “proves” our eventual failure and demise. Why focus on the possibility of flying when we can rely on “evidence” that we’ll fall?

I find that, in my own life, this leads to excessive (and unnecessary) bouts of anxiety and stress. Have you ever considered what your stress symptoms are? Personally, the first sign I’m over extended/anxious/stressed is I start to nitpick the mirror, giving my inner turmoil something physical to focus on. Then, if I don’t slow down, my body physically begins to shut down until I’m FORCED to stop altogether. Ugh.

The holidays are in full swing and, in times like these, often the choice that requires the most STRENGTH is listening to your body and taking a step back. Empowering yourself by what you’re NOT doing, just as much as what you ARE doing.

Lovebugs, I’ve got some time off (read: REST) coming up and I hope you’re giving yourself permission to do the same. Check the schedule though, when I’m on I’m EVERYWHERE:

Happy holidays!!
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