Interviews and crazy schedule updates!

Posted on Oct 6, 2014


Happy Monday!

“Its a BIG DEAL. Could you have imagined being who and where are you [at this time] last year?”

A good friend of mine called me OUT this week for downplaying some exciting developments in my career life. The truth is, there are LOTS of exciting things filling me with gratitude this week…and honest disbelief that THIS is my life. I almost forget who and where I was a year ago…

Over the weekend, Sacred Sounds Yoga posted an interview with me as their Teacher of the Month! Check it out if you haven’t read it yet =)

Additionally, Skyfit posted “8 Questions for Lindsay Carson.” As much as I hate watching myself on video, its such an honor to be interviewed (and a really awesome way to get to know me a little better!)


SCHEDULE UPDATES – Week of 10.6.14

Crazy week ahead! ‘Tis the season to sub all of the classes apparently…I’d love to see you on the bike or on the mat this week.
Join me?

7:15am Studio Cycling @ Equinox Rock Center
6:15pm Studio Cycling @ Equinox TriBeCa
7:15pm Studio Cycling @ Equinox TriBeCa

6:45am Studio Cycling @ Equinox SoHo
6:30pm Studio Cycling @ Equinox Greenwich Ave

7:00am Vinyasa Yoga @ Chalk Gyms
5:45pm Studio Cycling @ Equinox 43rd
7:15pm SwahaCycle @ Chalk Gyms
8:00pm SwahaCycle:Yoga @ Chalk Gyms

6:30am PXT @ Pure Yoga West
9:00am Vinyasa Yoga @ Chalk Gyms
12:30pm Studio Cycling @ Equinox Greenwich Ave
6:00pm Hot Vinyasa @ Equinox Bryant Park

6:00pm Vinyasa Yoga @ Equinox Bryant Park

9:00am Studio Cycling @ Chalk Gyms
10:00am Studio Cycling @ Chalk Gyms
1:30pm Flow 2/3 @ Sacred Sounds Yoga

10:30am Studio Cycling @ Equinox SoHo
12:00pm SwahaCycle @ Chalk Gyms

1 guest per class…seriously, come play!

Enjoy every moment of the week ahead, remind yourself how far you’ve come…and this is only the beginning!

<3  Gratitude

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