January 1st – January 29th 2021

My loves, I’m so excited to introduce you to my newest offering!

Starting Friday, Jan 1, I’m launching a 4-week small group intensive to help you get upside down. Whether you’re working on the fundamentals of headstand or you’re ready to take it into forearm stand, this program is curated to keep you focused on your goals and start the new year strong.

The Inversion Immersion includes:
• Weekly 30-min 1:1 session to check-in/coach/troubleshoot
• Weekly small-group Zoom class, and access to the replay
• 2 exclusive weekly 30-minute conditioning videos to build the shoulder and core strength you need to confidently turn yourself upside down (without a wall!!)
• 24/7 access to a small group chat platform (and me!) to help virtually encourage your journey

All it takes is $100/week to get a full month of curated motivation to start your year stronger than ever! ($100 deposit secures your spot, or you can pay all $400 up front!)

Most of us are exponentially more successful if we have a focused plan, but even moreso when we have a cheer squad to keep us accountable! I will help motivate you to focus 4 full weeks on a specific goal and give you the tools to bring it to life…plus introduce you to a like-minded community that will cheer you on!

Ready to get upside down? The program will focus on headstand AND forearm stand…no matter where you fall on that spectrum.
**NO INVERSION PREREQUISITES, just a willingness to be playful and curious**

Testimonials from previous Inversion Immersions:
“Lindsay is the yoga teacher you want, whether you’re a yoga newbie like me or have an advanced practice. She’s a yoga expert, master of inversions, and all around fitness pro. Lindsay’s authenticity and lightheartedness create an environment that makes everyone feel capable and powerful—you’ll feel it whether you’re in person or experiencing her teaching through a virtual platform.  Her sequences are creative and fast-paced, challenging both the mind and the body at any level of practice. If you’re ready for a yoga experience that will make you stronger in every way, get yourself into a class with this yoga goddess.”

“I made so much progress in just four weeks! I went from barely being able to hold a headstand for 15 seconds to being able to hold it for multiple minutes and do pikes! Huge improvement, would highly recommend her Inversion Immersion!”

“This was such a great experience, thank you for all the support and encouragement!! I feel stronger after these 4 weeks than I’ve done in a long time and it was such a great reminder that I can do so much more than I think if I practice and try! Not only did it help my inversion practice but my yoga practice in general. Thank you to Lindsay and everyone in the group!”

Y’all, I’m so so so excited about this!
Space is extremely limited – $100 deposit secures your spot!
Total investment ($100/week, $400 total) can be paid weekly or up front.
Questions? Reach out!