June wrap-up: Chinstand!

Posted on Jul 7, 2016

Many of you know that every month I have a “challenge pose” that we dissect in my classes. Mirroring the way we all figure out something new, I started using this format to give us all time to practice and really learn it rather than give you one shot then move on. June’s Challenge Pose was Chinstand…and I thought maybe for once I’d write it down so you can keep working on it outside of class!

Chinstand_0000_blocks 1

Step One 
Line up your blocks shoulder width apart. Most prefer the lowest setting, some are more comfortable with the medium height. If your arms are shorter, sometimes turning them sideways feels better. Try a few options, see what feels best in your body.


Step Two
Hands behind the blocks to align your joints: wrists in line with elbows, elbows in line with shoulders, shoulders forward on the blocks. Place your chin on the mat (not your mouth! Don’t eat the mat…) and walk your feet in as close as you can. Get that butt up!

Chinstand_0002_blocks 3

Step Three
Squeeze your elbows in. “Squeeze the ‘girls'” if you got ’em, pretend if you don’t! Feel the way this engages your arms and your shoulders. Activate your favorite leg and lift it as high as you can. Maybe a little higher.

Chinstand_0003_blocks 4

Step Four
Stay engaged, squeeze everything in, hop the other leg up. You’ll need some momentum… there’s a kick to get the leg up but be sure it’s subtle and controlled. The more engaged you are in your arms, legs, and CORE, the less weight you’ll put on your chin (until one day there’s zero!)

Next Steps
Once you’re comfortable with the blocks, its time to get adventurous! You can get into the pose the exact same way (as if the blocks were there), or maybe you try it from eka pada koundinyasana!

Coming from the arm balance, shift forward enough that you can lift the back leg higher, tuck the opposite elbow in, and then swing the front leg up.

Chinstand_0004_floor 1Chinstand_0005_floor 2
Chinstand_0006_floor 3


Chinstand_0007_floor chinstand

Play with it, have fun, remember its just yoga! If it doesn’t magically work the first time, keep going!
Feel free to reach out with questions <3

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