Posted on Jun 12, 2020


Yoga is not about tightening your ass,
it’s about getting your
head out of it.

Every time I post a pic of Super Soldier Pose, the number one comment is “wtf is happening here?” because it takes a second to figure out which way is up and how the hell I got myself so disorientated. ⬆️ Accurate depiction of how my brain has felt viewing the world – trying to untangle and understand something that’s been upside down and backwards for so long that perspective is lost. But I’m getting my head out of my ass and slowly reorienting myself and, in my own research and realigning, I’ve finally begun to fully grasp the depths of my white privilege and how much I have yet to learn.

I spent the last week+ muting my Instagram posts in the hope of creating space for black voices…not just in my feed but in my brain. Rather than speaking about things I can’t fully understand, listening, observing, researching, and amplifying black voices have been my goals. As I begin to un-mute, I’m maintaining my ratio of listening vs. speaking in favor of learning…there’s still so much reorienting to do.

In that spirit of listening and learning, I’m so excited to be a part of #MovefortheCulture (➡️ swipe for more info), an international movement created by @ianthemellors to celebrate black cultures and promote positive, long-term change in the fitness industry.

In joining, now and always, I commit to the following:IMG_6852
1️⃣ I will be an advocate for anti-racist behavior, speaking out against microaggressions and any covert racism I witness, within the studio and outside of it.
2️⃣ I will continue to hold a safe and inclusive space, treating everyone that walks into my class with the same attention and love. I will maintain awareness of white-dominant environments that might feel more overwhelming for BIPOC and sustain a welcoming energy that invokes community rather than division.
3️⃣ Hoping to increase accessibility to fitness and wellness, I will continue to offer free and low cost virtual classes as well as hold fundraising classes for organizations supporting the black community.
4️⃣ I will support and promote BIPOC fitness professionals, and find ways to encourage and mentor up-and-coming fitness talent.
5️⃣ I will relentlessly continue to educate myself on racial injustice and commit to listening more than I speak. I will, in turn, use my voice to amplify those whose experiences need to be illuminated and shared.
6️⃣ I will continue to be open to corrections and realignment knowing that my efforts won’t always be perfect. However, I will always keep learning and trying – mistakes are an opportunity for growth.

#MovefortheCulture is kicking off a day of fitness and fundraising events on Saturday, June 20th with lots of opportunities to join in and support. Watch my upcoming Instagram stories for the fitpros and classes I will be supporting, repost the image above, and add your pledge!

This is important, I hope you’ll join us ♥️♥️♥️