Posted on Sep 11, 2014

This morning I taught a 9am yoga class. We sat quietly through 9:03am and allowed ourselves to feel what came up. Personally, in those few moments, I found my emotions ran the gamut…sadness, fear, anger, anxiety, compassion, gratitude, love. As we extended our focus beyond just the events of 9/11, to really tune into what past events we’re holding onto and using our practice to let go of whatever is keeping us stuck, I was reminded of a phase Zoë taught me and I’ve, in turn, shared with my students:

Life is always on time.

Every event in my life that left raw emotions, that left me feeling lost and hopeless and angry and overwhelmed, every moment in my life that I didn’t understand has eventually proven to be exactly what I needed in that moment to continue down the path I was meant to follow.

Taking this with me, I have enough evidence in my life to trust that, whether I can see it from where I am or not, life is ALWAYS on time. #neverforget

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